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We want to reach further

Safe and on-time delivery in controlled temperature: from -18°C to +25°C

Polwit Group specializes in delivery of drugs, medicinal products and dietary supplements. We have been working for producers and distributors from pharmaceutical sector for the last several years, providing reliable transport service. Satisfaction of our clients is of paramount concern to us.


Polwit Group was founded in 1997 and has several years of experience in refrigerated transport. We are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. We have a fully equipped, modern fleet of refrigerated cars – these are delivery vans, as well as refrigerated cars with the load up to 22 tonnes.

Area of activity

Polwit Group facility is located in western Poland between Zielona Góra and Poznao. From here we reach the European Union countries as well as countries from outside the EU, such as Switzerland or Norway. We do express deliveries and those that require ferry crossings: to Malta, Finland or Ireland.

Our mission

Changes that go with the progress in transport of pharmaceutical products set the bars high.
We want to face up to them by implementing innovative solutions, constant development and increasing the quality of services. We want to be better – today, tomorrow and always.

The Offer

We care about quality and trust

We operate in line with Good Distribution Practices, the procedures of implemented PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard
and TAPA TSR 2020 Level 3

Transport of drugs

We offer our clients the fleet of vehicles with refrigerated construction meeting the GDP requirements and qualified staff: forwarders and drivers who are open to participate in training courses that broaden knowledge and quality of our services.

Specialized transport

In European Union we offer transport of specialist products that require constant control and safety. In addition, we also deliver many other products, including food products, fresh vegetable and fruit as well as building materials.



Secure and express delivery time

Our fleet includes the cold storage chambers of various sizes and load. The basic transport facility that we have include specialist refrigerated vehicles with the load of 1 tonne, with which we mainly do express deliveries.

Modern solutions

+ specialist refrigerating equipment

+ devices used for measuring temperature

+ GPS monitoring system that enables clients to directly monitor a chosen delivery/vehicle

+ digital thermograph thanks to which each route is documented with temperature print-out

+ regularly serviced and refurbished cars, not longer than 5 years

+ iimplemented quality systems allow us to maintain the continuity of supply chain – they organise and secure the areas related to ensuring continuity of functioning of the company in the context of its internal and external threats.

+ each delivery follows strictly specified procedures which are required in distribution of pharmaceutical preparations.

+ drivers have necessary qualifications and extensive experience in the transport of drugs and pharmaceutical products.

Our vehicles

At our disposal we have a large fleet of cars with load from 1 to 66 pallets.

  • Dimensions / loading space

    Length: 3,7 m Load: 1 tonne
    Height: 1,92 m Volume: up to 13 cbm
    Width: 1,64 m
  • Dimensions / loading space

    Length: 3,7 / 4,2 m Load: 1,5 tonne
    Height: 1,85 / 2,1 m Volume: up to 19 cbm
    Width: 2,1 / 2,1 m
  • Dimensions / loading space

    Length: 5,5 - 7,5 m Load: 2,5 - 5,5 tonne
    Height: 2,05 - 2,55 m Volume: up to 42 cbm
    Width: 2,45 m
  • Dimensions / loading space

    Length: 13,6 m Load: 22 tonne
    Height: 2,5 m Volume: up to 85 cbm
    Width: 2,45 m


Contact details

Polwit Group Sp. z o.o.
ul. Krystyny 54 a
62-067 Rakoniewice, Poland
NIP: PL9950237069
REGON: 364513849

tel.: +48 516 170 602

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Management board

Maciej Augustyniak
Board chairman

tel.: +48 516 170 602

Kaja Augustyniak
Member of the board

tel.: +48 502 292 838

Accounting department

Agnieszka Ciesielska

tel.: +48 737 466 240

Ewelina Darcz

tel.: +48 737 488 370

International forwarding department

Monika Wilk
Forwarder, Quality manager

tel.: +48 512 046 037

Arkadiusz Szymankiewicz

tel.: +48 509 803 230

Magdalena Zaremba

tel.: +48 501 382 275

Marcin Walkowiak

tel.: +48 737 453 004

Paweł Zwiernik

tel.: +48 501 534 488