We are constantly searching for innovative and better solutions

Our quality policy

quality management system

Polwit II provides the highest quality of service. Our policy enables us to maintain a professional cooperation with pharmaceutical companies as well as development within our company.

The quality of our service is achieved by having well-trained and qualified employees. Their knowledge and skills is essential to provide the highest quality service at all stages of our cooperation – starting with taking an order, storage of goods, required conditions during the transport and the distribution of the shipment.

Our main goal is to give our clients satisfaction with our service, so we make sure we provide the highest quality and we constantly improve it. We are aware that the combination of these factors can contribute in creating good relationships with our customers.

We know that every action we take is essential to improve the quality of our service, so we are constantly enhancing our working system to make sure that we find the best solutions available.

Execution of our policy

Our actions are being continually controlled and verified in order to improve the quality management in the company.

We conduct internal audits regularly to check the effectiveness of our work. We also use the guidelines of Good Distribution Practice (a regulation of the European Commission for Public Health).

We conduct examination of the tendencies in the development in global and domestic economy so we can provide the highest quality levels of our shipping service.

Our hauliers are verified on the basis of their reliability, and our employees are trained and motivated to provide the best service to our customers.