Confidence of the largest medical and transport companies across the Europe.


Regular transport

We also offer a regular shipping service of all types of cargo, including food (both fresh, processed or frozen).

We transport shipments which need to be controlled and shipped under control and under certain, specific conditions.

Pharmaceutical transport

We transport pharmaceuticals to all countries of Europe. The temperatures range is from
2 – 8 C, 8 – 15 C and 15 – 25 C

The temperature of the trailer can be monitored online at any stage of the transit, also the shipper can monitor the shipment itself.

Our quality policy is congruous and certificated with GDP rules and PN-EN ISO 9001-2008

We can guarantee the highest quality of transport in accordance with Pharmaceutical Law and Good Distribution Practice.

Our qualified staff, including international forwarders and drivers provides the highest quality of customer service in line with the standards and procedures regarding pharmaceutical transport.

We can offer fast and safe distribution of shipments in Europe.
>our cars are equipped with temperature control system, also a report of the temperature during the transit can be printed

>all trucks have an ATP certificate (certificate of the truck which proves they can transport food and pharmaceuticals in temperature controlled conditions)

>regular Food Standards Agency (Sanepid) examinations

>regular cleaning and disinfection

>calibration of temperature detectors and door opening detectors

>trucks mapping

>GPS systems

>transport of precious goods, such as works of art or gemstones