Fast and safe temperature controlled shipping in Europe


Car fleet

Our fleet consists of a variety of refrigerated trucks. They differ in dimensions and carrying capacity. Our basic trucks are specialistic refrigerated truck of the capacity up to 1,5 t. These are used mainly in express shipping, when the short transit time is required.

All of our cars have specialistic freezing and temperature controlling devices as well as advanced GPS localisation settings. Not only can our customers monitor the localisation of any truck at any time, but also they can check the temperature of the refrigerated trailer during the transit.

The safety of our vehicles ensures a modern fleet of automobiles, which is regularly serviced and used for no longer than 5 years

The drivers of Polwit II are qualified and experienced in pharmaceutical transport. Each transit is conducted in accordance with all the procedures of the shipping of pharmaceuticals, ISO 9001-2008
and GDP systems.

Car specifications and technical data

We drive numerous vehicles, varying in their carrying capacity from 1 to 33 t.

You can find detailed car specifications below:

Refridgerated trailers 1-5 palettes

Dimensions / cargo space
Length: 3,7 m
Height: 1,92 m
Width: 1,64 m
Capacity: 1 tona
Bulk: do 13 cbm

Refridgerated trailers 1-8 palettes

Dimensions / cargo space
Length: 3,7 / 4,2 m (7/8 palet)
Height: 1,85 / 2,1 m
Width: 2,1 / 2,1 m
Capacity: 1,5 tony
Bulk: do 19 cbm

Refridgerated trailers 9-18 palettes

Dimensions / cargo space
Length: 5,5 - 7,5 m
Height: 2,05 - 2,55 m
Width: 2,45 m
Capacity: 2,5 - 5,5 tony
Bulk: do 42 cbm

Refridgerated trailers 33/66 palettes

Dimensions / cargo space
Length: 13,6 m
Height: 2,5 m
Width: 2,45 m
Capacity: 22 tony
Bulk: do 85 cbm