We improve, we learn and we gain experience – customer satisfaction is a prize


About us

Our company is specialized in temperature controlled transport. We offer international shipping in temperature ranges of between -18 C to +25 C.
We also provide medical transport for pharmaceutical companies and all related brands. We also ship different type of cargo, such as food (mainly fruits and vegetables, both fresh and processed).

Polwit II was established in 1997. Since then, we have gained experience which enables us to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. Our fleet consists of modernised and fully equipped trucks – delivery vans as well as lorries with refrigerated trailers of carrying capacity up to 22 t.

Our offices are located between Zielona Góra and Poznań. We ship to all countries in European Union. We also deliver to such countries as Greece, Malta, Sweden, Finland and Norway. We can pick up any order in any location within a few hours, due to the wide range of service and the availability of various trucks.

We also offer our customers additional services of storing goods in the controlled temperature.
Our greatest pride is that we were trusted by the biggest companies in Europe, including manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and food producers.

Our mission

We want to become a leader in international pharmaceutical transport.
To achieve that, we consistently develop our services in order to cooperate with the biggest companies.

Our targets

The most important aim of our work is satisfying our customers with the highest quality service, as well as maintaining a long-lasting cooperation based on professionalism and trust.

We do not stand still. We develop and we invest in innovative solutions. We are optimistic about the future.
The quality of our service is constantly improving. The orders are realized according to both our customers demands and the transportation law regarding distribution of pharmaceuticals. In order to meet the needs of the leading pharmaceutical companies, we consistently enhance our fleet. Polwit II also controls all orders so they are all delivered safely and on-time.

We look for the most best financial solutions which we can offer to our customers.

We choose our employees carefully and we take care of their training throughout their careers.
All of the factors mentioned above enable us to provide the highest quality of transport in accordance with all the standards and procedures required by the European Union.

Each transit is conducted in accordance with all the procedures of the shipping of pharmaceuticals, ISO 9001-2008 and GDP systems.